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Monday, April 4, 2011

Interview with Bruce Wingate of Adrenalin O.D.

Since Adrenalin O.D. will be doing a reunion in Danbury on June 4th, I took a minute and got to talk to guitarist Bruce Wingate about the return to A.O.D., some memorable shows, and his opinions on modern hardcore amongst other things. Check it out!

(L-R) Dave Scott on drums, Paul Richard on guitar, Bruce Wingate on guitar
TTC: So how does a return to A.O.D. after all these years feel?
Bruce: Like hooking up with an ex. I'll be just as regretful when I sober up the morning after.
TTC: Hahaha! That bad?
Bruce: What are you trying to say about my ex's, Evan? Hahaha.
TTC: Oh man, haha. You got me there. So, what do you think of the opening bands and the hardcore scene today in general?
Bruce: I don't really know much about any of 'em other than Loud Youth, so I'm looking forward to checking 'em out. I still like to listen to some current hardcore just to see what's goin' on. The whole concept of "the scene" is kind of hard to buy into when you're older though.
TTC: Ah yeah, makes sense. Who are some of your favorite bands as far as the modern day of hardcore goes?
Bruce: Boardlords, Teen Wolves, The Observers, Fucked Up, OFF!.
TTC: Excellent choices. You ever heard of Four Fingers? They're actually playing at the reunion show. New Jersey kids, big A.O.D. heads.
Bruce: Can't say that I have. However, from their musical taste, I'd say they must be intelligent and tasteful youngsters.
TTC: Oh yes, that they are! Should be an interesting experience to see the clash of 'Olde' Jersey and 'New' Jersey! Haha. Speaking of which, how did growing up in Jersey influence A.O.D.'s song writing? Was it really that much of a joke living there?
Bruce: Well, it obviously played a big influence on our style, 'cause that's sort of why we stood out from a lot of bands back then. I think it was an awesome place to grow up 'cause I could walk into my backyard and see Manhattan ten miles away. Going to city was a rite of passage. We could reap its benefits and be back home at night.
TTC: Ah yeah! Obviously, the whole suburban idea had some sort of impact, right? And with the city so close, there must have been a lot of good shows. What are some of your most memorable shows?
Bruce: That we played or saw?
TTC: Oh, either actually. I'd love to hear whatever there was haha.
Bruce: Cool, well... I remember seeing the Crucifucks at CBGB's and they just absolutely toyed with the audience mercilessly. I saw VOID once. How's that for street cred? As for A.O.D., I think the coolest gigs were any time we'd get to play with bands we loved when we were young like The Dickies, or The Dead Kennedys.
TTC: Oh man, yeah. That must have been pretty exciting. And as for that VOID show, how was that?
Bruce: VOID was crazy. It was at Great Gildersleeves which was only a block away from CBGB's, and they came out and did three songs before the singer, John broke his leg. They were 3 great songs though!
TTC: Haha damn, that's insane! I guess my final question for you would be this: Is one really the loneliest number?
Bruce: Two can be as bad as one, but this fuckin' city is run by pigs!
TTC: Indeed! Haha. Well thanks for your time! Any last thing you'd like to say?
Bruce: I implore all the kids to destroy the Misfits logo and make up a new t-shirt design already. Also, I love you, hahahahaha!
TTC: We'll try our best to do so! Thank ya haha!

(L-R) Bruce Wingate on guitar, Dave Scott on drums, Paul Richard on guitar, Jack Steeples on bass
Adrenalin O.D. will be reuniting on June 4th, 2011 at the Heirloom Arts Theatre in Danbury, CT. The show is only $5. Other bands on the bill are Loud Youth (last show!), Four Fingers, Very Important Businessmen, Stomped On Sight!, and Gascan.