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Friday, May 13, 2011

Deep Sleep - Turn Me Off

Deep Sleep is a hardcore band from Baltimore, MD that play a style similar to that of Black Flag and the Descendents. In fact, if you combined the 2 and had Tony Reflex on vocals, you'd pretty much get something that sounds like Deep Sleep. Which, by my standards, is a good thing.
"Turn Me Off" is one of the best recent hardcore records. I had actually planned on buying and reviewing this but Alex from Grave Mistake sent me the promo - score! Haha.
This album is really great, though. I had already been a big Deep Sleep fan and this one just solidifies that. After all, the best way to follow up to killer records is with even more killer records, right? They definitely did just that. This LP is a full on hardcore attack full of intelligent lyrics, catchy melodies, and intricate music. If you dig old styled hardcore punk, you need to hear this.
With cryptic overtones and catchy harmonies, Deep Sleep managed to write one of the most perfect albums in recent times. Just when you think you know what's gonna happen, something comes out of fucking nowhere to smack you right in the face... err... ears (perfect example being "Nothing Inside").
I'll be ashamed if this one doesn't get remembered. It's got everything a punk album needs, and more. Seriously, I was expecting so much from this album, and I got even more than I could possibly hope for. This is one of those records that you need to get right now.
Deep Sleep - Turn Me Off - Grave Mistake Records
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