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Monday, June 6, 2011

Vacant State - Internal Conflict

Vacant State's "Internal Conflict" EP is a quick-ripping blast of aggressive attitude and 80s hardcore worship from a bunch of angry Canadians. Side A of this EP consists of 4 tracks clocking in at under 2 minutes each while side B is a 5 minute crusher. As far as I've heard, these guys have a tough-as-fuck reputation, which can easily be understood if you hear this 7". The snotty, growling vocals backed with raw, semi-distorted guitar riffs, gritty, pounding bass lines, and drums that feel like a punch in the face all thrown into a blend of hardcore aggression make up for one killer record, in the vain of bands like Negative Fx, SS Decontrol, etc.
Vacant State - Internal Conflict 7" - Deranged Records