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Monday, September 5, 2011

Retina - EP

Retina is a fantastic punk / indie band from Brewster, NY comparable to the early Sub Pop sound. The band features 2 ex-members of Loud Youth, primary songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist Jackson Abatemarco and drummer Sam Moore. On these recordings, Will Moore from Loud Youth also played bass to fill in for Chris who was kicked out but Matt Joyce (ex-Eatenbywombats/Gascan, also in Doofus) currently plays bass for them. Their first show was at the June 4th Adrenalin O.D. reunion in Danbury, CT.
This EP was recorded, mixed, and produced in Brooklyn by Mike Jung of Alice Donut. There are 5 tracks of killer musicianship and pure creative imagination. They range from heavier, violent songs like 'Cockroaches' to the dreamy salvia-influenced 'Toys' and the fast, poppy aggression of 'Sucked Up'. Retina shows a different side to these former suburb-thrashers, a sort of 4-way sex party between Jawbreaker, Nirvana, Rites of Spring, and Dinosaur Jr.
Retina is trying to play out more and are currently writing/performing new songs so be sure to contact them and help out!
Retina Official Facebook Page
Retina streaming