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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Lost Tribe - The Dawn

I caught these guys at the same show as Slobs and it was pretty damn sweet. They came on and had the lights turned down, then a bunch of smoke and some crazy lights. Not like that "rock n' roll motha fucka" bullshit but to the point that it was cryptic and strange. They started playing and I was instantly sucked into it. At that show, the only thing I could think of was Flipper meets Joy Division, but now to me it sounds more like the Drunk Injuns on the demo if you need a comparison note. However, it's not like they just ripped all of this off. They have a really cool sound. For what they're doing, it's pretty original and cool.
My favorite song on their demo is "The Laughter". It's a really fucking cool track. As with most of the things I review, though, the rest doesn't disappoint either. These guys have a really cool sound going for them and I really dig it, a lot. In recent times, this is one of the sweetest bands I've discovered. I also enjoyed their vocalist's dancing onstage. Very reminiscent of Ian Curtis. I talked to him in a little market on the corner after the show. He was buying a sandwich and could hardly talk because he lost his voice... cool guy though.
Anyways, this is a great band to check out. They're really dark and creepy sounding, but not to the point that it's depressing or anything. Just good ol' spooky fun. Go run through a graveyard blasting this. It seems like a smart idea to me, anyways.
Lost Tribe bandcamp