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Monday, June 13, 2011

Abserdo - Sweet Baby Eagles Coop

I caught these guys back in December when they opened for Product Of Waste and Urban Waste at the El N Gee in New London, CT and got to talk to them and what not. They were pretty cool guys, and did a killer cover of "Kill Yourself" by S.O.D. Anyways, Dylan just sent me this EP for review, so here we go.
Abserdo is a crossover thrash band from Philadelphia. These guys are extremely heavy musically, though the vocals fit into a punk style more, making up for a great band. If you've heard these guys, this follows up their style and doesn't disappoint. And if you don't know these guys, go get a skateboard (or maybe a machine gun) and turn this shit on full volume. These guys are sure to blow your mind... and maybe the minds of others if you grabbed a machine gun like I said. Fast, brutal, pissed off, and full of hate, Abserdo is a chaotic full-on thrash attack. 5 fast songs to fight people to. Go hit a cop with a skateboard.
Abserdo - Official Facebook page
Abserdo - Bandcamp page