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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A.N.S. / Ramming Speed split

I believe this is the first split I've ever reviewed, so this is probably gonna be kind of confusing! Oh well. I don't really know Ramming Speed, but I know A.N.S. and they're fucking rad, so we'll start with their half.
This seems a bit heavier than some of their older stuff, which is not a bad thing. But on top of that, you can definitely see some (or a lot) of Greg Ginn influence, making a very interesting combination. These songs, as always in the case of A.N.S., are fast and ripping. Some of the best metallic-punky stuff out there. I'd say as far as this one goes, it's definitely a bit of a departure from their previous releases but still A.N.S. nonetheless. There's definitely a lot of "Loose Nut" and "In My Head" influence on this, but still heavy thrashing.
Now for Ramming Speed. Well... it's fast. And brutal. And angry. And... well, I guess the name suits them perfectly. This is the first I've heard from these guys and now I think I'm really eager to check out more. This is really heavy, violent hardcore. Sorta sludgy at some parts, and it kinda feels like my ears would have just gotten punched in the face (if they had a face). I guess I can sort of compare these guys to a demon offspring of Aus-Rotten and Repulsion.
All around, a pretty solid split on both ends.
A.N.S. / Ramming Speed - Tankcrimes Records