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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Perdition - s/t EP

Fans of raw, noisy hardcore punk everywhere will rejoice when they hear Perdition's self-titled EP. People who don't like stagnant music, however, will not.
Now, I'm sort of at an in-between point for this 7". Perdition, for what they do, are great. Raw, noisy, violent.. and just listen to that voice. At the same time, however, the crusty-noisy d-beat style has been done to death and it's not really 1980 anymore.
These guys have a fresh touch to it vocally, I have to say, but when it just sounds like a crust-metal band covering Discharge, you gotta admit that the style is just getting a tad bit old... especially when every band in the genre sounds like a crust-metal band covering Discharge (hey, they might as well be, right?).
Don't get me wrong, this album is a fun listen if you're in the mood for something violent and fast, and I'd recommend them much more than I'd recommend the majority of d-beat / crust-core, but if you wanna listen to something that sounds like Discharge.... why not just listen to Discharge?
I saw these guys back in February with Night Birds, Government Warning, and Ex-Humans, and their fanbase was the most violent of the night. I always hear bad things about these guys as people, too, but I guess ya can't know until you talk to them yourself, right?
Anyways, I did enjoy this record. Don't give me all these comments like "fukk u, ur not punxrawkanarky" because believe me, a few years ago I was punxrawkanarky and I would've loved this to death, and I can see how fans of the genre and band do love this to death, but the d-beat thing has gotten pretty old.
Regardless, I like this 7", and if you're looking for crust or d-beat, get this, because I can definitely say that it's the best record these guys have put out, and they're the best d-beat band you've got going for you these days if you're a "RAW ATTAX PUNX". Or whatever you guys call it.
I'd give it a 3/5 if I was on a scale. But I'm not.

These guys don't have much of an online presence so I'll give ya what I can find.
PERDITION-S/T Demo E.P. on YouTube
Toxic State Records